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South Dakota Prairie Dog Hunting | Guides & Outfitters

Below is a list of every South Dakota guide, lodge, and outfitter offering prairie dog hunts. I made this directory (with actual links) to give you the largest source of places to shoot prairie dogs in SD. Every outfitter is different. Some spend a lot of money getting a fancy website built, some choose to build their sites themselves. It is important to remember that the look of a website has nothing to do with the quality of the hunt. I encourage you to take a look at each outfitter, pick a few that interest you, and then give them a quick call or E-mail. I hope this resource helps you on your search for a quality South Dakota prairie dog hunt.

RCA Hunting Service / Burke, SD / (605) 775-2930

RCA Hunting Service offers prairie dog hunts in south-central South Dakota. Packages include guiding, lodging, trailer with shooting benches, and transportation during the hunt. The lodge is clean, comfortable, and has a full kitchen for you to use. Contact RCA Hunts today, as spots are very limited!

Oak Creek Outfitters / Winner, SD / (605) 840-0182

Oak Creek Outfitters offers guided prairie dog hunts in South Dakota on both private and Rosebud Sioux tribal land. If you are researching the best places to shoot dogs, you should definitely consider Oak Creek. With thousands of available acres, endless targets, knowledgeable & safe guides (who are also registered tribal guides), clean & comfortable lodging, and a dedication to you and your group's hunt, why wouldn't you give Oak Creek a look. Prairie dog hunting offers lots of shooting and is really a lot of fun. Why not hunt in the best areas with a quality outfitter?